• An Ex Servicemen Organisation
  • Discipline * Training * Excellence * Punctuality * Innovation * Resilience
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified * United Nations Accredited
  • First Indian Organisation working on Post Conflict Environment Management
  • Demining People * Mine Action * EOD * UXO Clearance
  • Radiological Survey * Geophysical Survey * Topographical Survey
  • Telecommunication * Security Solutions * Training * Infrastructure

Major Achievements

Post Conflict Environment Management

Humanitarian Demining

Sri Lanka
○ Area Cleared – 99,580,929 Sq M
○ Devices recovered – 107,987

○ Area Cleared – 59,639 Sq M
○ Devices recovered – 16,639

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

○ Area Cleared – 144,871 Sq M


Geophysical Survey

Kuwait- 352,282 Sq M

Land Survey

Lavasa City

Naturally Occurring Radiological Material (NORM) Survey

Kuwait- 288,322 Sq M

Security Solutions

Training of Security Forces

Maharshtra Police
State Reserve Police Force

Other Projects

Modernisation of Training Facilities at Indian Defence Establishment

Armoured Corps Centre & School, Ahmednagar
○ Two 20 Tons Crane
○ One Auto Xray Scanner
○ Twelve Fault Finding Station
○ One Interactive Board Touch Panel
○ One Bty Inverter 5 KVA
○ Twelve Chairs with Desk

Training Films

Water Plume Technique
Bailey Suspension Bridge

News & Events

  • Apr 2018

    Horizon successfully completed UXO/EOD Construction Support project with HERA AG Ambiental in Kuwait and all EODs deinducted.
  • Feb 2018

    Horizon Chairman, Col Navneet MP Mittal (Retd) and Manager Business Development attended the 21st International Meeting of National Mine Action Programme Directors and United Nations Advisers (NDM-UN)
  • Jun 2017

    Horizon EOD team inducted to Kuwait for HERA's UXO project.
  • Apr 2017

    Horizon inducted EOD's to Explomo Technical Services Pte Ltd for their contract of UXO Program Phase I for North and South Kuwait Oil Fields with Kuwait Oil Company.
  • Apr 2017

    Horizon successfully completed UXO/EOD Construction Support project with GS Engineering in Kuwait and all EODs deinducted.
  • Mar 2017

    Horizon inducted EODs to Alghanim International General Trading and Contracting Company W.L.L. for their contract of Demining Services with Kuwait Oil Company.
  • Feb 2017

    Horizon successfully completed UXO/EOD project with TERI and all EODs deinducted.
  • Jan 2017

    HORIZON IMAS EOD II inducted to Kuwait for providing UXO/EOD training services to EODs of Denel Mechem.
  • Jan 2017

    HORIZON UXO/EOD team successfully de inducted from Kuwait after completion of HERA AG Ambiental UXO/EOD project in Lot A of SEK oil fields in Kuwait.
  • Oct 2016

    HORIZON UXO/EOD team started Intrusive Investigation and Reacquisition UXO/EOD Project with HERA AG Ambiental in Lot A of SEK oil fields in Kuwait.


HORIZON is consistently recognized and awarded for excellence by a multitude of governments and organisations.




HORIZON has large inventory of equipment for demining and survey tasks.


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