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News & Events

03 Dec 2004
De-Induction of HORIZON Team
HORIZON demining team de-Inducted.

09 Nov 2004
Work Suspended Cause of Heavy Rain
HORIZON Demining work suspended due to heavy rains.

28 Sep 2004
HORIZON Documentary
Production of 15 minutes documentary of HORIZON activities undertaken at Mannar by a team from India.

08 Sep 2004
NSCMA Meeting Attended by Chairman HORIZON
National Steering Committee of Mine Action (NSCMA) meeting attended by Maj Gen S G Pitre (Retd) Chairman, HORIZON.  This is the maiden appearance.

26 Aug 2004
Suganthapuri Minefield Handed Over to GA
Suganthapuri minefield handed over to GA Mannar.  Total area cleared 68768 Sq Mtrs.  95 anti-personnel mines recovered.

18 Aug 2004
HORIZON Registration as Charitable Trust
HORIZON registered as Charitable Trust with Charitable Commissioner, Pune.

28 Jul 2004
Anti Tank Mine Encounter
One anti tank mine encountered in Thomaspuri minefield.  This is the first instance of laid anti tank mine.

12 Jul 2004
Minefield of Suganthapuri Completed
Suganthapuri minefield completed.  Demining of adjacent Thomaspuri minefield commenced.

09 Jul 2004
Approval of SOP
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) approved by DMAO issued to all concerned.  Mr Kubberud, Counsellor Royal Norwegian Embassy, Sri Lanka; visited the project site.

24 Jun 2004
DMAO Official Visited Project Site
DMAO, Vavuniya Ms Leoni BArnes and the new incumbent Mr Michel Hands visited the project site.

09 Jun 2004
MDD Returned to INDIA
MDD returned to India as its employment on demining task not feasible due to non-availability of accreditation facilities.

13 May 2004
Prototype of MGIS
The prototype MGIS completed.  The proposal to conduct live mine trial at the Army Training area in conjuction with local army establishment was duly approved and trials commenced.

11 May 2004
Transit Facility
Transit Facility for deminers procured at Pune.

29 Apr 2004
Demining Work Commenced at Suganthapuri Minefield
Demining work commenced at Suganthapuri minefield.  Mr Magnus Sedig appointed by Norwegian Embassy as Technical Adviser (TA) for a period of three months.

09 Apr 2004
HORIZON Demining Team Deployed at Mannar, Sri Lanka
Demining team with one MDD inducted to Mannar.  Composition of demining team is as under:-
Project Manager
Operations Officer
Medical Officer
Deminers - 32 and
Administrative Staff - Eight.

08 Mar 2004
Funding for the year by Royal Norwegian Government
Funding for the demining project for the year approved by Royal Norwegian Government.

04 Feb 2004
ISO Application
Decision taken to apply for ISO Certification.

15 Jan 2004
New Office of HORIZON
HORIZON Office shifted to new location at 6, Shakun Apartment, D. P. Road, Aundh, Pune 411007



HORIZON is consistently recognized and awarded for excellence by a multitude of governments and organisations.




HORIZON has large inventory of equipment for demining and survey tasks.


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