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News & Events

07 Dec 2005
Welfare Endevours
On 07 Dec at a function was organised by College of Military Engineering, Pune.  HORIZON donated physiotherapy equipment worth Rs Two Lacs for treatment of mentally challenged children.

05 Dec 2005
Welfare Endevours
HORIZON donated one Ambulance to Sahyadri Hospital, Pune.  Income generated will be transferred to 'Samvedana' another charitable trust for medical assistance to the needy.

30 Nov 2005
Thomasouri Minefield Suspended
Work on Thomaspuri Minefield VA-130 (NH-8 Area C) which was started on 11 Nov 2005 had to eb suspended due to heavy rains and water logging.

26 Nov 2005
Welfare Endevours
A cheque of Sri Lankan Rs 70,000/- was handed over to GA Mannar.  This is the first installment for setting up of two grocery shope adn a tailor shop for distributing the amount to three mine affected individuals of Vankalai Village.

25 Nov 2005
Thomasouri Minefield Completed
Clearance of Thomaspuri Minefield VA-130 (NH-8, Areas A and B) was completed on 11 Nov.  Total 70,414 Sq Mtrs of area was cleared and handed over to GA, Mannar; on 15 Nov 05.  28 Ani Personal mines, Three UXOs and one loose detonator were recovered from this minefield.

23 Nov 2005
Vankalai Minefield (VA-191) Completed
Vankalai Sea Site Minefield (VA-191) was cleared between 22 Sep and 27 Oct 05.  Total 9274 Sq Mtrs area was released to GA, Mannar; on 23 Nov 05.  92 Anti Personal mines and one loose detonator were recovered from this site and destroyed.

18 Oct 2005
Media Publicity
Sri Lankan news paper 'Daily Mirror' published on article titled 'Reclaming the Paddy Fields and Laughter' covering the demining work of HORIZON.  Details could be seen on the following site:-

19 Sep 2005
International Mine Action Meeting
Maj Gen (Retd) S G Pitre (Chairman) attended the Eight International Meeting on Mine Action at Geneva.

12 Sep 2005
MGIS is Inducted to Sri Lanka
Mechanical Ground Impactor System (MGIS) developed by HORIZON inducted for field trials in Sri Lanka.

31 Aug 2005
Thomasouri Minefield Completed
Clearance of Thomaspuri minefield VA 130 (HM-7) in Mannar district was completed on 24 Aug 2005.  An area of 104,115 Sq Mtrs has been cleared.  822 Anti Personal mines, 5 UXO's and 21 other items were removed and destroyed.  The land has been released to GA, Mannar.

29 Aug 2005
Welfare Endevours
HORIZON donated Sri Lankan Rs 100,000/- to Rewata Children's home.

27 Aug 2005
ISO Organization
HORIZON is now ISO 9001-2000 certified organization.

08 Aug 2005
ISO Certification Audits
Lead Auditor carried out the audit at the project site for ISO Certification.

11 Jul 2005
MAT Official visited to Project Site
Members of Mine Awareness Trust (MAT) visited the project site.

07 Jun 2005
MGIS is Ready to move for Sri Lanka
Final trials of MGIS carries out at Nasik.  Equipment found suitable for employment and decision taken to induct in Sri Lanka.

31 May 2005
Clearance of Thomaspuri Minefield
Clearance of Thomaspuri minefield, which was suspended due to heavy water logging in Dec 2004 completed and handed over to GA, Mannar.
Area Cleared - 112240 Sq Mtrs.
Anti Personal Mines - 1029.
Anti Tank mines - Three.
UXOs - Eight and
Loose detonators - 142.

23 May 2005
Training Course Attended by Director Operationa
Director Operations joined the correspondence course being conducted by NUITAR.

15 May 2005
Demining Commenced with Locals
Demining with local deminers commenced.  Strength of expatriates reduced to 11.

01 May 2005
Locals Employed on Demining Taks
NSCMA issued instruction that locals be employed on demining task and number of expatriates reduced to supervisory staff only.  Accordingly 30 locals were selected and their training commenced.

24 Mar 2005
Revision of SOP
A revision of SOP apropos the training in REDS undertaken.

16 Feb 2005
Documentary of HORIZON
Documentary film of HORIZON activities released.

01 Feb 2005
HORIZON Team Inducted
HORIZON demining team inducted, the team consisting of:-
Project Manager
Operations Officer
Medical Officer
Deminers - 32 and
Administrative Staff - Eight

30 Jan 2005
Funding for the year by Royal Norwegian Government
Funding for the demining project for the year approved by Royal Norwegian Embassy.

22 Jan 2005
Training of Deminers
Training of Team Leaders (Train the Trainers) conducted at Vavuniya by experts under the aeigs of Norwegian People's Alliance (NPA).  Training aimed at mastering the Rakes Excavation Demining System (REDS).



HORIZON is consistently recognized and awarded for excellence by a multitude of governments and organisations.




HORIZON has large inventory of equipment for demining and survey tasks.


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