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Equipment for Hire/Sale

Geonics EM61 MK2A HP

The equipment along with the data logger is capable of carrying out a geophysical survey and generating a digital map of sub surface UXOs. Thus it gives the facility to analyse the type of UXOs or other anomalies before investigation.

EM61-MK2A (HP) Metal Detector Detailed Specifications. EM61-MK2A (HP) Metal Detector is a high power, high sensitivity metal detector suitable for applications in the detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Detailed specifications are given below.

Measured Quantity

Four channels of secondary response in mV

EM Source

Air-cored coil, 1 x 0.5m size.

Current Waveform

Unipolar rectangular current with 25% duty cycle.

EM Sensors

Bottom coil: Air-cored coil, 1 x 0.5 m in size, coincident with EM source.

Top coil: Air-cored coil, 1 x 0.5 m in size 30 cm above main coil

Maximum Output

10 000 mV

Dynamic Range

18 bits

Time Gates

Four gates of bottom coil response only, centered at 261, 376, 527 and 727 µs; or, three gates of bottom coil response at 261, 376 and527 µs, with one gate of top coil response at 527 us after T/O time.

System Controller

Archerfield computer with 486 AMD processor; 16-line LCD display with 24 characters per line.

Acquisition Speed

Up to 16 records (4 time gates per record) per second

Data Storage

512MB internal disk storage :pc card compatible

Power Supply

12 V rechargeable batteries for 4 h continuous operation.

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News & Events

  • Sep 2023

    Milestone Achieved
  • Sep 2023

    Signing of agreement with Enshaat Al-Sayer General Trading and Contracting Company.
  • Sep 2023

    Visit of H.E. Dr. Adarsh Swaika, Ambassador of India in Kuwait
  • May 2023

    Signing of agreement with Alghanim International for South Kuwait Excavation
  • May 2023

    Signing of agreement with Alghanim International for South Kuwait Excavation
  • Mar 2023

    Conducted Training of Trainers of College of Military Engineering members under AFINDEX 2023
  • Feb 2023

    Signed the project with Gulf Dredging & General Contracting Co. K.S.C- UXO Survey for Kuwait Navy Base in Jan 2023


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