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Post Conflict Environment Management


Post - conflict environment anywhere on the face of earth is HORIZON's concern; to tender a healing touch, to undertake reconstruction and rehabilitation - its mission. The management of post-conflict environment solicits battle-tested minds, equanimity, tenor, agile and responsive decision-making faculty, innovative plans, meticulous execution and unswerving dedication. We have self-assurance that we foot this bill.

Humanitarian Demining

Landmines were first developed during 1916 with a view to impeding mobility of enemy forces. In the initial stages , mines were bulky with large quantity of explosive and having crude mechanical means of activation. Over the years, with technological advancements, mines have become lighter having less quantity of powerful explosive and with sophisticated actuation mechanisms.

Because of their inherent advantages, landmines are considered as an essential weapon system by all armies the world over. With growing politico-military and socio-ethnic aspirations, number of conflict situation is on the rise. Added to this is the problem of low intensity conflicts and insurgency. Professional armies use both antitank as well as anti personal mines and the minefields are properly marked and records maintained. After the war has ended, the concerned army clears such minefields and as such post war casualties are minimal.

However, in last fifty years, world has seen advent of localized wars fought by small armies equipped with first generation weapon systems. They use the mines indiscriminately and without proper drills and procedures. To this is added the problem of excessive use of mines by insurgents and terrorists to impede the mobility of security forces and terrorize the civilian population. Such indiscriminate use of mines not only causes casualties to civilians but also denies access to farming, transportation, development of roads, canals and waterways. Unfortunately children are the main victims of mines.

An anti-personal mine cost approximately US$ 3 while its removal costs between US$ 300 to 1000 depending upon the type of mine and its location. It is thus obvious that un-recovered landmines are a major menace, which retards the process of post conflict recovery. Today landmines are considered as the major pollution factor, which is adversely affecting the mankind because of their extensive use by non-regular forces.

Non-governmental organizations and the United Nations have been involved in mine clearance since 1980 in an effort to reduce the threat landmine pose to innocent civilian throughout the World. This involves a thorough search as for most people living in mine affected area, the mere suspicion that the area is mined renders it useless. Demining is the actual process of removal of mines and making the area safe.

Manual Clearance
Despite a variety of expensive and modern machines, which have appeared on the scene of humanitarian de-mining, manual methods will always remain at the centre stage as the most reliable, dependable and indispensable. It needs to be highlighted that in accordance with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), mechanical methods are to be treated only as preparation of the ground. The actual EOD/UXO clearance and demining process has to be carried out manually, since only manual demining can assure the required 99.8% clearance. It is in this context, HORIZON has built up a reservoir of de-mining staff meticulously selected from the ex-servicemen, thoroughly trained and extensively practiced in the field. During any maiden project in a foreign country, the demining team comprises exclusively the ex-servicemen expatriates. HORIZON has pool of 200 well trained ex-serviceman deminers and has a potential to train additional deminers from Indian ex-servicemen within four weeks.

Mechanical System
HORIZON has developed its own ground preparation and demining machines based on excavator cum mechanical raker. These are cost effective, mobile, efficient and easy to operate. Utilisation of these machines in conjunction with manual demining has significantly improved the speed of clearance.

HORIZON holds a reserve of basic EOD/demining equipment. With its management expertise and dedicated pool of trained EOD personnel / deminers, HORIZON possesses the ability to undertake a demining project at short notice any where globally. Horizon has been at forefront of Humanitarian demining in the world.
• Sri Lanka : Horizon has successfully executed 16 demining projects between 2003-2012
• Jordan : Horizon undertook two demining projects along with NPA during 2006-2007
Royal Norwegian Government (In Sri Lanka)
Government of Indian (In Sri Lanka)
Norwegian People Aid (In Jordan)

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Horizon undertakes EOD projects as part of mine action globally.
• Kuwait : Horizon is executing EOD project at SEK fields at Kuwait under the Soil Remediation project of TERI (India) since 2012 till date.
Client:Kuwait Oil Company / TERI (India)

Stockpile Destruction

Horizon has the capability to undertake stockpile destruction. Besides conventional method, Horizon also can undertake stockpile destruction using eco-friendly methods.


Rehabilitation is the process of bringing the victim of mine blast back to a normal living style. Horizon has special cells to undertake this task.

Restoration of Infrastructure

Horizon has cleared 107 KM of disused railway line in Sri Lanka as part of restoration of infrastructure. Horizon also has capability to undertake civil and electrical infra projects towards this goal.

Victim Assistance

We firmly believe that winning the hearts and minds of the local population is a pre-requisite for a successful post-conflict management, Therefore special stress is laid on developing favourable relations with local population in the area of work. A medic forms part of the demining team along with an Ambulance. In addition to providing medical assistance to demining team, he also assist locals in emergency. Help is also rendered for evacuation of patients to local hospitals in our ambulance. Special assistance is given to mine victims for their medical treatment as well as resettlement.

Mine Risk Education

Mine Awareness is an educational process of teaching the population about the threat of mines and munitions, living with the threat that they impose and the changing of behavior. The education of the populace about the mines, their hazard and ways to avoid them while living with them is as important as the demining itself. Training teams from Horizon tour the affected areas and conduct awareness programmes with posters and leaflets. Information obtained from the various mine awareness programmes form an important part of the initial survey data.

Capacity Development

capacity building is one of the tenets of Horizon in the mine affected areas. Horizon has trained and employed nationals in all its demining tasks in Sri Lanka and Jordon, aimed at creating an intrinsic capacity amongst the mine affected countries in demining.


Horizon has over a decade of experience in Mine Action. This includes:

» Workable and efficient Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in accordance with International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).
» Pool of trained Indian ex servicemen deminers.
» State of the art demining and safety equipment procured from internationally reputed firms.
» Mine detection dogs to assist manual demining.
» On-going R&D to evolve mechanical equipment to assist in manual clearance. Horizon Demining Machine (HDM), developed in house based on excavator chasis, has been employed successfully in Sri Lanka
» Well laid down Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) procedures.


News & Events

  • Sep 2023

    Milestone Achieved
  • Sep 2023

    Signing of agreement with Enshaat Al-Sayer General Trading and Contracting Company.
  • Sep 2023

    Visit of H.E. Dr. Adarsh Swaika, Ambassador of India in Kuwait
  • May 2023

    Signing of agreement with Alghanim International for South Kuwait Excavation
  • May 2023

    Signing of agreement with Alghanim International for South Kuwait Excavation
  • Mar 2023

    Conducted Training of Trainers of College of Military Engineering members under AFINDEX 2023
  • Feb 2023

    Signed the project with Gulf Dredging & General Contracting Co. K.S.C- UXO Survey for Kuwait Navy Base in Jan 2023


HORIZON is consistently recognized and awarded for excellence by a multitude of governments and organisations.




HORIZON has large inventory of equipment for demining and survey tasks.


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